Speeding up Compressor

Is Compressor taking too long to encode? Here are some tips to speed it up.

Monitors for quality imaging work

Buying a monitor for imaging work generally represents a significant investment. But it's an investment definitely worth making if you care about image quality.

Final Cut Studio 3: snel en solide

Het duurde twee jaar voordat de upgrade van Apple'’s edit suite voor professionals het licht zag: Final Cut Studio 3. (artikel)

Make your video's broadcast safe

Always color correct to broadcast safe. The use of a standard Broadcast Safe filter on everything works, but is a bit like using a sledgehammer to give a haircut. Instead tweak the luminance and saturation yourself.

Importing footage with Pro Res

The intermediate codec ProRes, was designed specifically to maintain full colorspace and 10bit workflow throughout the post process allowing Final Cut Pro to finally take its place as a truly professional editing platform. author: Gary Adcock

Better looking motion

If you’re animating a parameter in Final Cut Pro, especially motion, try right-clicking and choosing “Ease In/Out” for a much more natural look.

Color correction: video scopes in FCP

The video scopes help you determine wether your color saturation and luminance are within boundaries for broadcasting on television.

Using motion blur

Make use of the motion blur in Final Cut Pro to anything you animate adds a touch of realism. It can add some render time too, but it’s worth it.