Seeds of Peace

financiers: FNV Mondiaal, Oxfam Novib, United Civilians for Peace
montage & script
: Maaike Broos, André Kloer
camera: André Kloer
muziek: Herman Witkam, Alexander Reumers
sounddesign: Erik Griekspoor



Seeds of Peace has been nominated for the Loep 2009, the award for research journalism in the Netherlands and Flanders. Read the press release (Dutch) or visit the VVOJ website.


The Palestinian Jawdat Talousy worked in the Israeli settlement ‘Nizzane Ha Shalom’ (Seeds of Peace), located on the West Bank. He was fired because he wanted to establish a labour committee. In the settlements on the West Bank, labour laws for Palestinians are ambiguous and law enforcement is weak. This juridical chaos is causing abuse of Palestinian workers. Despite of this, more and more Palestinians turning for work to the Israeli settlements. Because the Palestinian economy is unable to create enough jobs.


  • The Hague, April 25 2008: screening at Afrikadag
  • Utrecht, Oktober 23 2008: screening and debate at &Samhoud Consultancy
  • Rotterdam, July 2 2009: screening/debate at FNV Middle East Conference
  • San Francisco, July 15 2009: screening at Labor Fest Film Festival
  • Cape Town, August 22 2009: screening at Tri Continent Film Festival
  • Toronto, November 22 2009: screening at CLiFF Festival
  • Boston, Oktober 16 2009: screening at Boston Palestine Film Festival
  • Seoul, screening at International Labor Film and Video Festival
  • Halifax, NS: screening at CLiFF Festival
  • Ottawa, ON: screening at CLiFF Festival
  • Toronto, ON: screening at CLiFF Festival
  • Victoria, BC: screening at CLiFF Festival
  • Rotterdam, June 24 2010: screening at Arab Filmfestival
  • Berlin, november 2011: Globale Filmfestival

About the filmmakers

Maaike Broos is an organization antropologist and has made corporate documentaries that give insight in the cultural identity of
organizations. André Kloer is an independent filmmaker and cameraman. Since 2005, he made documentaries under the name March21. More info (in Dutch)

Reactions and reviews

Being an union man, the message that strikes me most, is how disturbed political relations lead to unacceptable labour conditions on the shop floor.
Leo Mesman - Policy Adviser for Middle East & Eastern Europe, FNV Mondiaal

Seeds of Peace is a must-see for anyone who is engaged with the fate of oppressed workers. Hopefully this documentary will force us to critically evaluate our responsibilities as consumers.
Suying Lai - Policy Advisor Oxfam Novib

Your film is serious, realistic, and informative and gives a wide picture to the viewer. I felt you were able in a very short visit to catch the essence of the situation and to present the difficult reality that faces workers in Palestine and Israel today. In addition the film was able to show the nice and humane side of the Palestinian workers away from both the Israeli stereotyping of Palestinians as extremists and the opposite image of the struggle as if it was a religious war between Moslems and Jews or between the Moslem world and the West.
Assaf Adiv - director Workers Advice Centre, Israel

The story is told in an unhurried pace, and with an uncluttered sound-track. It gives the viewers a space to breath and it gives the facts a chance to sink in. And the facts follow each other in an atmosphere of disjoint parts, as if stones were laid, one by one, in a row, on the sand of a beach by a meditative child.
Dani Tadmor - newspaper editor, Israel