Bebob Zoomcontrol voor EX3/EX1

The Bebob ZOE-EX is a zoom controller designed for the Sony PMW-EX1 and EX3 high definition camcorder. The ZOE-EX provides all the features that have been found in previous models, including a quick release clamp and click functions for switching quickly between manual and auto-focus.

Some added improvements include a toggle switch that allows operation of both camera protocols as well as a new elbow-plug. The elbow design provides additional durability by eliminating any bending that can occur when straight plugs are yanked at an acute angle.

MSR Technology
Maximum Speed Reduction (MSR) is a function that allows users to specify the maximum speed of the controller. This can be done without losing any pressure sensitivity, resulting in much smoother slow zoomdrives.


per dag: 5,-
per extra dag: 2,50 (50% korting)