This 1000 watts dimmer will plug into any tungsten lights (220 - 240VAC) up to 1000 Watts and will adjust the light output of the lamp from 100% to 0% without causing lamps to flicker. The dimming process is done by a micro-controller to ensure smooth, flicker free and silent operation. Equipped with a power fuse that protect the dimmer itself and the light from power shocks.

The dimming knob has double function: on/off switch and dimming the light output.

The housing is made from ABS plastic and the length of the power cable is 3.5m. Power plug and receiver are CEE 7/4 heavy duty type.

Compatible with:

Redhead 300/650W , Redhead 800W
Quart Light 300W / 600W / 1000W
Junior Fresnel 150W/ 300W / 650W / 1000W

Note: this model is not compatible with Fluorescent, HMI / CMD and LED lights. Using this dimmer may cause permanent damages to the light components (ballast, circuit board).


per dag: 3,-
per extra dag: 1,50 (50% korting)