Lowel Pro light P2-101CE

With its high intensity Reflector & Prismatic Glass, the tiny focusable Pro-light is more efficient than a mini fresnel of equal wattage. It gives an exquisite even light, with fresnel-like shadow quality, evenly dispersed flood, and a uniform spot with significant barndoor cut. Multi-use, tungsten halogen source. Ideal in combination with Lowel Pro Rifa Softbox for interview setttings.


  • Focus range-5:1
  • Watts: 100 & 50 at 12v. (on battery) / 230 & 300 at 230v. (with power cable)
  • Lightstand, snoot (image to the right) and barndoors
  • blue daylight filter included


per dag: 7,-
per week: 35,-