Novoflex Nikon F voor Canon EOS


  • Adapter Mount: Nikon F to Canon EF
  • Lens Compatibility: All Nikkor F mount lenses (AI, AI-S, AI-P, D-Type, G-Type)
  • Nikon G Type Lens Aperture Control: Yes
  • Autofocus: No
  • Autofocus Confirmation: No
  • Vibration Reduction Support: No
  • AE Metering: No
  • Lens EXIF Info: No
  • Metering: Yes


Mounting the Novoflex adapter is straightforward. Mount the adapter onto your Nikon lens, then mount the lens to the camera. Don’t do it the other way around, because you will not be able to fully secure the adapter in place. Align the red dot on the adapter with the lens white dot and rotate until it clicks. Next, align the red dot on the adapter with the red dot on your Canon DSLR and mount the lens as you would normally do. At this point, both the lens and the adapter should be securely locked, but just in case, try to rotate the lens and make sure that it does not move in any direction.

There are three indicators on the adapter that show the size of aperture – large (maximum aperture), medium and small (minimum aperture). If the lens has its own manual aperture ring, you can use it in place of the adapter’s basic one.

Build Quality

Novoflex is a well-known company based out of Germany. Their products are of very high quality. It is made of tough metal that does not flake any metal pieces and it is designed to work with heavy professional Nikkor lenses such as the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G.


gratis bij verhuur van lenzen
per dag: 3,-
per extra dag: 1,50 (50% korting)