Vocas schouderrig

The Vocas DV 'Pro' 15mm Rail Support Shoulder Mount Kit with top handle is a 15mm rail-based support kit that enables comfortable shoulder mounting of heavy DV cameras such as the Panasonic AF100 or the Sony EX3. The support kit includes a 155mm Rail Support (Base Plate), 15mm Offset Bracket, 15mm Shoulder Support and Dual-handgrip Set.

You are provided with a stable platform that supports attachment of additional 15mm accessories. You can position the camera on its center of gravity during tripod mounting via the included extra long balance tripod attachment. A set of 350mm long, 15mm rails is included in the kit. Easy viewfinder placement is enabled via the offset bracket that moves the shoulder support to the right side of the camera, allowing the viewfinder to be positioned in front of the eye of the camera operator.

You can easily support heavy cameras on your shoulder using the thick rubber pad integrated into the shoulder support that attaches directly to standard 15mm rails.
Flexibility in adjusting angles allows you to configure the support kit to support body type. Multiple attachment points are also available on the rear of the support for attaching battery holders or counterweights.


per dag: 14,-
per extra dag: 7,- (50% korting)