Zoom H4n audiorecorder

The H4n comes with built-in X/Y stereo condenser mics that allow variable recording patterns at either 90-degree or 120-degree. With the new digitally controlled, high-quality mic premap, and the ability to use internal and external mics simultaneously for 4-channel recording, the recorder offers improved audio quality.

The ZOOM H4n offers two two XLR inputs and can be used with DSLR cameras to record high-quality audio while filming HD video. It is also a user-friendly, multi-track studio (MTR) that records at CD quality, 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution, ideal for musician and songwriters. The H4n also functions as a USB audio interface, letting you record directly to either a Mac or PC.

The H4n audio recorder has a rubberized, shock resistant body for improved chassis protection, all-metal microphone design and a built-in mounting joint for tripod and microphone stand use. It comes with a 1GB SD card and a large LCD display. A protective case and Cubase LE recording software are included.

How to connect a SD302 mixer to the Zoom nH4? Watch this Youtube tutorial: SD-302 to Zoom H4n for Great Filmmaking Audio


  • Built-in X/Y stereo mics record at either 90° or 120°
  • Four channel simultaneous recording using built-in and external mics
  • Digitally controlled, high-quality mic preamp for improved audio quality
  • Large 1.9-Inch LCD screen and improved user interface for easy operation
  • 24bit/96kHz Linear PCM recording for pristine recording
  • MP3 recording for increased recording time
  • Built-in reference speaker to check recordings
  • Shock resistant rubberized body for improved chassis protection
  • Broadcast Wave Format (BWF) compatible time stamp and track marker
  • Records on SD/SDHC media of up to 32GB for maximum recording time
  • Auto-record and pre-record feature so you never miss a moment
  • Variable speed playback capability for “phrase training”
  • Stamina mode enables 10 hours of continuous battery life
  • Onboard mid-side matrix decoder for additional miking possibilities
  • Built-in mounting joint for tripod and mic stand mounting
  • USB 2.0 port for faster file transfer
  • XLR inputs with phantom power allow recording with any mic
  • Supports plug-in power type external mics
  • Hi-Z Inputs for recording guitar and bass
  • Studio effects onboard, including guitar and bass amp modeling
  • USB audio interface capability
  • Low-cut filter to reduce noise
  • Normalizing and file splitting functions
  • Mono mix function
  • Onboard tuner and metronome
  • Includes wind screen, AC adapter, USB cable
  • Optional remote control (RC4) available


per dag: 10,-
per extra dag: 5,- (50% korting)